July 18, 2019

Jump-Start Your Data Science Career with Career Help from Dataquest


The first step in any successful data science career is acquiring the technical skills you need to perform the role.

But of course, getting a job requires more than just having those skills — you have to get a resume past application screeners by demonstrating your skills, nail technical and culture interviews, and navigate the tricky waters of salary negotiation before you actually find yourself employed at the job you want.

Dataquest has an extensive Career Guide that’s designed to help you navigate the data analyst and data scientist job application process, and that’s a great place to start

But no two job applications, and no two job applicants, are the same. Getting ​personalized help with your application can make it easier to reach your personal career goals. ​

That’s why our Dataquest Premium subscription package includes access to a subscribers-only Careers section of our Dataquest online community.

There, you can post any data-career-related question you have, anytime you have a question. There are no posting limits, and our career experts and data scientists are standing by to help answer your questions and review your application materials.

What can you get help with?

Literally anything related to data science careers. We don’t really have any rules, or any limits on how often you can ask for help.

Here are some of the things people often use this forum to get help with

  • Resume reviews
  • Project and portfolio reviews
  • Job search tips
  • Interview prep
  • Career switch advice
  • Offer negotiations
  • CV updates
  • And more!

Premium subscribers can access this forum at any time by logging in and visiting this link, or navigating to the career section that is unlocked within the community.

And if you’re not interested in sharing your personal information with the rest of the folks in that forum, don’t worry — the forum also supports private messaging and our career advisors are happy to offer their feedback via private message.

If you’re ready to take your career to the next level, subscribe to Dataquest Premium. You’ll get access to all of our interactive programming, statistics, and data science courses from right within your browser, and you’ll also get access to incredible, personalized career resources on our forum.

There’s no time like the present to invest in yourself!

Premium Subscribers get…

  • Access to all of our courses on every path, and all new courses we launch.
  • Exclusive Careers forum with our data science careers experts, including resume reviews, interview prep, help with offer negotiations, and more!
  • Priority email support.
  • 30+ guided projects you can add to your portfolio.

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Read Real Dataquest Student Stories

When I got the interview, I was told that my application had stood out — especially when it came to the technical interview for data analytics.

Dataquest is so convenient. [After] I put my new skills on my CV, I feel like I got more interest because many companies are looking for Python and SQL.

Charlie Custer

About the author

Charlie Custer

Charlie is a student of data science, and also a content marketer at Dataquest. In his free time, he's learning to mountain bike and making videos about it.

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