April 6, 2022

Dataquest Reviews 2023: Analyzing Student Outcomes

Dataquest Reviews 2022

Whether you’re well on your way or just starting your data learning journey, insights and testimonials from learners who have reached their learning goals can help you reach yours.

Let’s be frank: learning a new skill isn’t easy. It requires motivation, discipline, patience, and more than a little organization to balance with your other commitments. But this is definitely not Mission Impossible, as 77% of our learners showed last year, reaching their goals and advancing their careers.

In this blog post, we’ll share a few tricks to help you reach your goals.

Learning on Dataquest can lead you to success

Acquiring new skills can create many opportunities — getting a new job, securing a promotion, or obtaining a pay rise. Most of the time, learners report these benefits and much more.

For example, out of Dataquest learners who reached their learning goals last year:

  • 44% got to do more interesting and exciting work
  • 38% got a new job position
  • 35% reported being more confident in what they do.
  • 33% said that their new skills helped them to stay relevant in their job
  • 28% said they are getting paid more with a 33% median increase in salary across countries

So be prepared! Reaching your goals can bring you unexpected benefits and unlock doors you hadn’t considered.

Here’s what our learners say:

“By using Dataquest, I was able to lateral into a data analytics job at my previous company and use my new skills to continue learning and growing. I’ve since transitioned to a new company and am making nearly twice my original salary!” —Ty Lopez – United States.

“Gave me the skills to get a job as a data analyst.” —David – United Kingdom.

“I went through the interview process feeling more confident and didn’t have trouble getting through the technical part.” —Clarissa Yamakita – Brazil.

Learning by doing — pedagogy that works

While starting or progressing along your data learning journey, you may feel a little anxious when you don’t know how to code, or you may feel the urge to cut corners. But don’t worry:

The overwhelming majority of our learners (75%) are beginners before starting their journey, so you don’t need to know how to code before you start. Most of our learners praise our hands-on learning platform as an effective way to reach your goals.

Here’s what our learners say:

“I believe it provides a great foundation for someone with no skills or exposure to data and data use.”  —Gary Roberts – The Bahamas.

“The courses are modeled to teach you skills directly that need work towards the skills I want to learn and need.” —Kyle Roland – United States.

“I think Dataquest is a great platform to learn on your own while still having the support of the community. I really enjoyed the lessons and the practical exercises along with the projects.” —Clarissa Yamakita – Brazil.

“I wanted to learn Data Science, and Dataquest helped me a lot by its methodology — Learning by Doing.” —Danyal Ahmed – Pakistan.

“I think reading and practicing at the same time is the most powerful way to study.” —Mohamed Badawy – Egypt.

The secret to reaching your goals

When we analyzed the learning habits of successful learners, we found a few trends. Most of our learners who reached their goals studied at least once a week for more than two hours, which helped them to achieve their objective in less than a year:

  • 89% of respondents who reached their goals studied at least once a week on Dataquest.
  • 70% of respondents who reached their goals spent more than two hours per week studying.
  • 84% of respondents who reached their goals did it in less than a year.

Choose a reliable time on your calendar and pencil in two hours to study. This will help ensure that your learning journey doesn’t become the last thing on your to-do list.

Read the story of how Ashray got a new career in a couple of months with Dataquest.

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