Data Science Jobs & Salary by City in Virginia

Virginia, nicknamed the “Mother of Presidents” due to the many presidents of the United States born in this state, has a vibrant tech sector today. By 2006, the state was exporting more computer chips than tobacco and coal combined, which were some of the main products that the state produced.

Data scientists in Virginia can find many job options in the IT field and more. With the likes of Rosetta Stone and the big tech companies (FAAMG or GAFAM) posting thousands of jobs across multiple job sites, there’s no shortage of opportunities for data professionals in this state.
Read on to find out which cities in Virginia can offer good career opportunities for data science professionals.

Demand for Data Scientists in Virginia

Thanks to its many cloud computing centers situated in the northern part of the state, Virginia holds an impressive number of technology workers in the country. Virginia’s biotechnology sector is also one that has been growing at a very fast rate. Other important industries in Virginia include architectural and engineering services, banking and lending, among others.

According to LinkedIn there are approximately 16K job opportunities for data scientists and roughly 44K job listings for data analytics professionals in the state of Virginia. ZipRecruiter also lists about 20K data science jobs in the area.


Did you know that approximately 70% of the entire world’s internet traffic flows through Ashburn, Virginia? The city is known as the Data Center Capital of the World because of all the cloud facilities available there. Today the likes of Facebook, Amazon, Google and Microsoft have data centers in Ashburn to support their rapidly growing cloud computing needs.

According to LinkedIn there are over 8K job opportunities for data scientists and approximately 25K job listings available for data analysts in Ashburn, Virginia. Dice lists roughly 3K and ZipRecruiter approximately 11K for data scientists as well.

Average salary in Ashburn, Virginia: $79K-$150K p/year according to Glassdoor


Richmond is the capital of the state of Virginia and is the fifth most populous city in the state. It’s been an attractive location for businesses in the financial, medical, biotechnology, film and music industries. Now, Richmond is also drawing attention from big names in tech such as Dell, Cisco Systems, and IBM among others.

LinkedIn lists approximately 7K jobs for data scientists and around 20K job openings for data analysts in Richmond, Virginia. Dice and ZipRecruiter both list over 2K data science job openings each.

Average salary in Richmond, Virginia: $77K-$160K p/year according to Glassdoor


Arlington, Virginia is the home of the Pentagon and many important national monuments and historic structures. Some of the key industries here include IT and emerging technologies, cybersecurity, government contracting and more.

LinkedIn reports an estimated 15K job openings for data science professionals and about 39K job listings for data analysts in Arlington, Virginia. Dice has roughly 3.2K data science jobs while ZipRecruiter lists over 22K jobs for data scientists.

Average salary in Arlington, Virginia: $79K-$150K p/year according to Glassdoor

Virginia Beach

Virginia Beach is the most populous city in the state and has a healthy job market. Some of the key industries of Virginia Beach include biomedical and life sciences, IT and cyber, offshore wind, advanced manufacturing, defense and more.

LinkedIn returns over 7K job opportunities for data scientists and approximately 20K job listings for data analysts in Virginia Beach. Dice also lists over 2K data science jobs on its board in the same area.

Average salary in Virginia Beach, Virginia: $68K-$140K p/year according to Glassdoor

Other Virginia Cities

Chesapeake, Virginia, the second most populated city in the state can offer some great opportunities for data professionals and tech workers in general. Known for its deepwater canals you’ll find several hundred job opportunities in the data field here.

Norfolk is home to the headquarters of NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) and also to the world’s largest naval base. You’ll also be able to find a few hundred job opportunities in the data field in this beautiful city.

Do remember that remote work is now a new norm for many companies, so if living in other cities aside from the ones listed above, there are plenty of opportunities for you out there.