Data Science Jobs & Salary by City in New York

New York has been a major hub for data science for some time now. Its thriving scene and high growth potential has attracted aspiring and experienced data scientists for many years now. With its vibrant community, the city that never sleeps shows no sign of slowing down its demand for qualified data scientists anytime soon.

Salary potential in New York is among the highest in the country. But what makes the data science community unique and appealing for many data scientists is the diversity of talent and thought. Conversations about what it means to be a data professional are happening all the time here, and the networking opportunities are endless.

Read on to discover what it’s like to be a data scientist in New York, and if this state would be the right place for you.

Demand for Data Scientists in New York

New York continues to offer opportunities and growth for data scientists. If you’re an aspiring data scientist looking to gain experience and jumpstart your career in well established businesses, New York will always be a good bet.

Nearly every industry needs the insights that data science experts can uncover to bring solutions to complex business challenges. Whether it’s large-scale retail companies, fashion houses or the advertising industry, there’s always a need for data scientists.

According to LinkedIn there are over 20K data science job openings and another 37K data analyst jobs available in the state of New York as of Dec 2021. With these numbers it is safe to say that New York is a great place to start or grow your career as a data scientist.

New York City

New York City, with its dense and highly diverse population offers some of the best opportunities for growth for data scientists. Not only are salaries highly competitive, but the large community of data scientists from different backgrounds can offer a unique perspective to aspiring data science professionals.

Also, there are more Fortune 500 companies in New York City than in any other city in the United States. With all these companies there’s no shortage in data science job opportunities in sight.

A couple things to consider when thinking about becoming a data scientist in New York is the high cost of living and the few startups. However, if you want to find a corporate job this is definitely the place to be.

Average salary in New York City: $80K-$170K p/year according to Glassdoor


Albany, the capital city of New York State is the third most populous metropolitan region in the state. With great value for housing costs and a healthy job market, data scientists have tons of opportunities to grow their career here.

LinkedIn alone reports about 13K job openings for data scientists and another 15K job postings for data analysts. Other job boards such as Dice and ZipRecruiter also show promising numbers for aspiring data professionals in Albany.

Average salary in Albany, New York: $75K-$160K p/year according to Glassdoor


If you think Rochester is a dying city in New York, think again. Known as the birthplace of companies like Kodak, Kerox, Western Union along with other well known brands, Rochester can be a great location to grow your data science career.

Although salaries are lower in Rochester, cost of living is also a lot lower compared to other cities. However, there are plenty of job opportunities, with LinkedIn reporting 14K data science job openings and another 15K data analyst jobs available in Rochester.

Average salary in Rochester, New York: $57K-$150K p/year according to Glassdoor


Buffalo is the second-largest city in the state of New York. Located less than 30 minutes away from Niagara Falls, some important brands such as IBM, Citigroup, and Tesla have offices in Buffalo.

Buffalo is probably popular due to the fact that you can live comfortably with a relatively low income. And with data science being a high paying career, Buffalo can be a great option. LinkedIn reports approximately 13K jobs for data scientists and another 15K jobs for data analysts in Buffalo.

Average salary in Buffalo, New York: $85K-$150K p/year according to Glassdoor


East of both Buffalo and Rochester, Syracuse is the fifth-most populous city in the state of New York. Known as an educational hub and with a lower cost of living than in the city, data scientists have plenty of opportunities to grow their careers in this city.

Some important brands with offices in Syracuse include Verizon Communications, American Red Cross, Regal Cinemas among others. According to LinkedIn there are approximately 13K data science jobs and another 15K data analyst jobs in Syracuse.

Average salary in Syracuse, New York: $60K-$180K p/year according to Glassdoor

Other Cities in New York

With the cost of living being so high in the city and more opportunities for remote work now available, data professionals have spread throughout the state more than ever before.