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Data has become an integral part of many technological advancements. Over the past decade, our lives have become more dependent on technology than ever. One of the reasons why technology can adapt to our lives and our personal needs and preferences is thanks to data.

Who is it that makes many technologies better, more accurate, and more efficient? Data scientists. The surge in data collection has created a need for professionals to analyze and provide insights on this data, making the job outlook for data scientists as promising as ever.

This page will provide you with an overview of what the data science career outlook looks like in the U.S. today — and potential changes in the future.

Demand for Data Scientists in the U.S.

There has been a surge in data science careers over the last decade. The job growth rate for data science in the U.S. has exceeded expectations since 2012. As one of the biggest tech hubs in the world, demand for technical talents in the U.S. shows no sign of slowing down.

Data science is constantly evolving. Despite some claims that many data science tasks can be automated, the truth is that there are fundamental skills involved that only a human data scientist can truly apply. That said, in order to stay competitive, data scientists must continue to develop their skills to keep pace with the industry.

We can’t stress enough just how many data science jobs are available, and how small the candidate pool is. Although trends indicate job growth will only continue, anyone looking to make the most of the talent gap will need to get creative about carving out their careers as data scientists.

To give you some perspective of what the future demand for data scientists in the U.S. looks like, we’ve compiled some stats from a few reputable sources:

Furthermore, there are particular opportunities for women in data science, as men currently make up 70% of the data science workforce. This imbalance can lead to biases in data collection, which can negatively influence critical areas like predictive policing. As companies look to diversify their hiring practices, women can take advantage of growing opportunities for greater representation in the field.

Future Data Science Job Growth in the U.S.

According to the McKinsey Global Institute, the U.S. will experience a shortage of 250,000 employees trained in data skills by 2024. As the demand for data scientists in the U.S. rises, and the volume of data doubles every few years, the job opportunities and salaries for aspiring data scientists will remain high.

Top Cities in the U.S. for Data Science Jobs

Historically, most data scientists have worked in the tech sector. As such, most job opportunities were in cities considered tech hubs. However, this trend is changing. As many companies embrace remote work, the job outlook for data science roles in the U.S. is expanding to cities all across the country.

That said, according to Indeed, these cities remain the highest paying one for data scientists in the U.S.:

  • New York, NY = $146K p/year
  • San Francisco, CA = $140K p/year
  • Austin, TX = $128K p/year
  • Houston, TX = $125K p/year
  • San Diego, CA = $120K p/year

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