Data Science Jobs & Salary by City in Georgia

Georgia has a diverse tech industry. With more than 14K tech companies in the health IT, medical services, and digital entertainment field among others Georgia continues to attract talent and employers to the region.

Although data scientists find the most job opportunities in the fields of finance, IT and professional services, the increasing output of data from different types of businesses is increasing the demand for professionals who can analyze this data.

Read on to discover which cities in Georgia have good job opportunities for data science professionals and which may be an ideal choice for you.

Demand for Data Scientists in Georgia

Although Georgia’s biggest industries include mining, agriculture, tourism and energy, in recent years the technology industry has been exponentially growing in the state of Georgia. The lower costs of doing business here compared to other states has attracted the likes of Panasonic Automotive, AT&T Mobility, NCR and more.

According to LinkedIn there are over 12K job opportunities for data science professionals and approximately 31K listings for data analyst roles in the state of Georgia as of December 2021.


Atlanta has several major industries contributing to its economy. These include film and television, media and communications, logistics, finance, healthcare and biomedical among others. In recent years however, Atlanta has been gaining a reputation for fastest-growing and most prolific technology hubs in the country.

According to LinkedIn there are over 11K job listings available for data science professionals and approximately 28K job openings for data analysts in Atlanta Georgia. ZipRecruiter reports over 9K data science jobs available and Dice has over 2K data science listings in the area.

Average salary in Atlanta, Georgia: $78K-$130K p/year according to Glassdoor


Savannah is just under 4 hours southeast of Atlanta and is known for its rich history and its Victorian sites. Businesses in different industries thrive in Savannah, from start-up companies to world renowned aerospace corporations. Some of the most important industries contributing to Savannah’s economy include health tech, entertainment production, marine, logistics and distribution, aerospace and advanced manufacturing among others.

LinkedIn returns approximately 7K listings for data science jobs and about 18K listings for data analysts. Other job boards also list a good amount of opportunities for data professionals in the area.

Average salary in Savannah, Georgia: $67K-$73K p/year according to Glassdoor

Other Georgia Cities

Most data science jobs seem to be out of Atlanta and Savannah. However, other important cities in Georgia may also present good opportunities as more and more businesses continue to expand operations throughout the state.

Augusta with a population of roughly 200K people and just over two hours east of Atlanta may present opportunities for data professionals in the field of medicine, manufacturing and military which are the strongest industries in the area. Other cities such as Columbus and Athens with populations above 120K may also have some opportunities for data scientists in the area.