Data Science Jobs & Salary by City in California

California is home to a vibrant technology sector. With more startups here than in any other city in the United States there’s no shortage of job opportunities in the tech field, and the data science job market is no exception.

Businesses in California realized early on the benefits of hiring analytics-minded professionals to drive wise business decisions in practically every industry. As a result California has been at the forefront of data science job growth in the nation.

Let’s investigate which California cities offer the most opportunities for rising data scientists.

Demand for Data Scientists in California

When searching for job opportunities in the Golden State, you’ll notice that the highest concentration of jobs are located in Northern California (Bay Area) as well as Southern California (Los Angeles and San Diego), but not many opportunities in the central region or even in the capital city of Sacramento.

As of 2021, LinkedIn had over 41K data science job listings in the state of California. Other sources such as Indeed and Glassdoor also list approximately 8K and 4K job openings respectively.

Los Angeles

Los Angeles, home to the iconic Hollywood sign and the center of the film and television industry is the largest city in California. Although the entertainment industry may be the largest source for jobs, industries with the biggest employment sectors include manufacturing, trade and the government.

According to LinkedIn there are approximately 12K data science jobs and another 24K data analyst job openings in L.A. Other job boards such as Dice and ZipRecruiter also report thousands of jobs available.

Average salary in Los Angeles, California: $80K-$170K p/year according to Glassdoor

San Francisco Bay Area

San Francisco is considered the capital of data science in the United States. The largest concentration of companies that hire data scientists are based out of the San Francisco Bay Area and Silicon Valley.

The most lucrative data science jobs in California are mainly based out of this region, making it highly attractive to new and experienced data scientists alike. LinkedIn reports 29K data science job openings, while data analyst roles exceed 48K listings.

Average salary in San Francisco, California: $110K-$190K p/year according to Glassdoor

San Jose

San Jose is a large city located in the famous tech hub of Silicon Valley. It’s actually just under an hour away from downtown San Francisco (without traffic usually) and has its own international airport. San Jose is actually larger (in size and population) than San Francisco and is known as one of the most affluent places in California where cost of living is considered extremely high.

If being in the capital of Silicon Valley is your dream, there are 14K data science job postings and another 28K data analyst jobs listed on LinkedIn.

Average salary in San Jose, California: $110K-$170K p/year according to Glassdoor

San Diego

San Diego is the second most populous city in California. Known for its mild year-round climate and its military bases San Diego has recently been rising as a healthcare and biotechnology development center as well.

With big brand names with offices in San Diego such as Johnson & Johnson, HP, PlayStation and more, the job market is relatively healthy in this city. LinkedIn reports 11K data science jobs and another 23K data analyst roles available.

Average salary in San Jose, California: $80K-$150K p/year according to Glassdoor


Fremont is less than an hour away from downtown San Francisco and about half hour away from San Jose located in the East Bay region. Given it’s close proximity to high-tech hub Silicon Valley and it’s lower cost of living compared to SF and San Jose, Fremont has become a popular choice among young professionals.

LinkedIn reports 9K data science jobs openings and another 19K data analyst job roles available.

Average salary in San Jose, California: $74K-$100K p/year according to Glassdoor

Other California Cities

The capital city of Sacramento also has opportunities for aspiring data professionals. With LinkedIn reporting approximately 8K jobs for data science professionals and another 19K for data analyst roles.

Government and transportation are an important industry here, but information and technology have been gaining a lot of ground in recent years, making it a good option for those looking to find opportunities here.