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Please note: Your new annual plan will begin the day your plan change is processed. We will not offer extensions or refunds for unused time on your monthly plan. Please allow up to two business days for processing.


My plan is currently active, will I receive a refund for unused time?

This offer is only available to active monthly plan holders. We will not offer extensions or refunds for unused time on your monthly plan.

What if I want to use a different billing method than the one currently on my account?

Please update your billing method on your account before requesting your plan change.

Will this be offered again?

This is the biggest discount we have ever offered, and we are not sure when and if we will offer this discount again.

When will my plan change request be processed?

This is a deeper discount than our regular annual pricing. Please allow us two business days for your order to be processed manually.

What happens if my monthly plan renews before my plan change request is processed?

In the unusual case that your plan renews before we are able to process your plan change request, we will refund the renewal amount.