Billing and Refund Policy

Dataquest is a recurring subscription service. Your subscription will auto renew monthly or annually based on the plan type. If you need help please contact us here.

What day will my subscription renew?
You will typically be billed on the same day of your original purchase each month. If you subscribe on the 29th, 30th, or 31st of the month, you may be billed a day or two earlier in some months depending on the length of the month. Example - a subscription started on the 31st would be billed on February 28th.

Can I get a refund for unused time on my account?
Dataquest does not offer refunds on monthly subscriptions. If you purchase an annual subscription, you can request a pro-rated refund within 30-days of purchase. You'll pay the price of a regular monthly subscription and we can refund the balance of your annual purchase.

Will my plan renew at the promotional rate?
No. If you purchase Dataquest at a promotion rate, it is a one time offer. Your plan will renew at the regular price.

Can I get a refund for my plan renewal?
When your plan renews automatically, you have 7-days to request a refund if you do not wish to continue using the service. We will only refund accounts with no course activity during this 7-day period.

Can I transfer unused time in my subscription to someone else?
Individual subscriptions can only be used for the account in which they are purchased and cannot be transferred to other account holders. In some cases a subscription purchased in a team account can be transferred to another team member, a minimum of 10 subscriptions must be purchased to qualify for subscription transfer.