Data Scientist

Learn data science from scratch and get an exciting new career by following our carefully-constructed course path.On this course path, you'll learn everything you need to work in data science. And you can learn even if you have zero background in programming or math, thanks to our interactive, hands-on learning system. 

By the end of this course path, you will have learned:

  • Professional Python programming skills.
  • SQL, Git, and Command Line skills for data science.
  • Data cleaning, analysis, and visualization.
  • Machine learning, deep learning, and other advanced topics. 



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Dataquest taught me everything I needed to start a career in Data Science without the $50,000 degree.

Wes Brooks Growth Solutions Team Lead at CRU

Learn Interactively, Inside Your Browser


The Dataquest platform in a nutshell.

It's hard to learn by watching other people code. 

On Dataquest, you'll be doing all of the coding yourself — right from your browser window!

At each step of your journey, you'll be asked to apply what you're learning by writing code, and your answers are checked instantly to make sure you're on the right track.

Throughout this path, you'll go from writing basic Python snippets like for loops to working with popular data science packages like pandas and scikit-learn.

And as you do it all, you'll be working with real-world data to solve real data science problems. 

Our Data Science Courses Teach You Step By Step:

  • step 1
  • step 2
  • step 3
  • step 4
  • step 5
  • step 6
  • step 7
  • step 8

  Step 5: Learn Probability and Statistics

Statistics: Fundamentals

Learn about sampling, variables and distributions.

Statistics Intermediate: Averages & Variability

Learn to summarize distributions, measure variability using variance or standard deviation, and compare values using z-scores.

Probability Fundamentals

Learn the fundamentals of probability theory using Python

Hypothesis Testing: Fundamentals

Learn more advanced statistical concepts including A/B tests and chi-squared tests for more powerful data analysis.

Learn What You Need, Without Wasting Time

Our courses follow a logical sequence that can take you from zero programming experience to job-ready data scientist efficiently. Learn the skills you need for real data science jobs, without wasting time trying to figure out what to learn next or studying skills you won't use. 

You'll start by learning the fundamentals of Python programming and working with data in Python. From there, you'll move into more advanced data analysis and visualization skills using the libraries popular with working data scientists: pandas, numpy, matplotlib, seaborn, and more.

You'll learn command line and Git skills to speed up your workflows, and then dive into statistics and probability for data science to ensure you don't just know how to perform data analysis, you know why — and you understand what's going on "under the hood."

Then it's time to start digging into machine learning. You'll start with the basics in our introductory machine learning step before moving into more advanced topics in both programming and machine learning in the final two steps.

And through it all, you'll be learning interactively, working with real-world data, and building projects you can use in your data science portfolio when it's time to start the job hunt — or use to show off to your skills to your boss when you're asking for your next raise!


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Become a Data Scientist - Read Real Dataquest Student Stories


When I got the interview, I was told that my application had stood out — especially when it came to the technical interview for data analytics. 


Dataquest is so convenient. [After] I put my new skills on my CV, I feel like I got more interest because many companies are looking for Python and SQL. 


[Before using Dataquest,] I was clueless about everything you were teaching. I've learned so much. Finding Dataquest was life-changing


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