Introduction to Computer Architecture

Learn about memory and the central processing unit.


  • Learn about data storage, memory, and RAM within a computer.
  • Learn about computation, control flow, and disk storage.

Mission Outline

1. Introduction to Computer Components
2. Data Storage, Memory, and RAM
3. Low-Level vs. High-Level Programming Languages
4. Understanding How Python Stores Data
5. Integers and Strings in Memory
6. Understanding Disk Storage
7. RAM vs. Disk Storage
8. An Overview of Binary
9. Computation and Control Flow
10. Functions in Memory
11. Next Steps
12. Takeaways

Course Info:

Python Programming: Advanced


The average completion time for this course is 10-hours.

This course requires a premium subscription. This course includes five paid missions.  It is the 27th course in the Data Scientist in Python path.


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