In this data storytelling course, we've been creating plots with data visualization best practices in mind. You've come a long way; you learned about the importance of data-ink ratio and how to programmatically remove ticks and spines to alter the ratio. You've also learned about RGB values as well as how to improve the visualization overall to make it more accessible to others.

In this guided project, we'll extend the work we did in the last two lessons on visualizing the gender gap across college degrees. So far, we’ve mostly focused on the STEM degrees, but now we will generate line charts to compare all degrees. We will also learn how to create a presentation-ready visualization and export it.

These projects are meant to be challenging to better prepare you for the real world, so don't be discouraged if you have to refer back to previous lessons. If you haven't worked with Jupyter Notebook before or need a refresher, we recommend completing our Jupyter Notebook Guided Project before continuing.

As with all guided projects, we encourage you to experiment and extend your project, taking it in unique directions to make it a more compelling addition to your portfolio!


  • Practice Your Data Presentation Skills.
  • Learn to export your data using matplotlib.

Lesson Outline

1. Introduction
2. Comparing across all degrees
3. Hiding x-axis labels
4. Setting y-axis labels
5. Adding a horizontal line
6. Exporting to a file