In this third lesson of our introduction to data analysis in R course, you will continue learning the syntax of the R language as you begin to explore logical expressions, and the values True and False.

In this short lesson, you'll review what you've already learned about logical literals. Then you'll learn about relational operators and comparing arithmetic expressions. From there, you'll move on to logical operators and combining logical expressions.

After you finish this lesson, you'll be familiar with how to write and combine logical expressions, and you'll understand how they can be useful in the context of R programming for data science.


  • Review logical literals.
  • Learn to work with relational operators in R.
  • Learn to write and combine logical expressions in R.

Lesson Outline

  1. Revisiting Logical Literals
  2. Relational Operators
  3. Comparing Arithmetic Expressions
  4. Logical Operaots
  5. Combining Logical Expressions
  6. Next Steps