Guided Project: Installing RStudio

In this final lesson of our introduction to data analysis in R course, we'll walk you through how to install and set up RStudio so that you can have a development environment for writing R code on your own machine.

RStudio is an incredibly popular tool in the data science world because it makes creating and sharing R-based data science projects a breeze, and gives you easy access to popular R packages.

Once you've completed this project, you'll be ready to start creating your own unique data analysis projects using RStudio and your R programming skills.

Want to dive deeper? We also have a list of 23 tips, tricks, and shortcuts to help you get the most out of RStudio.


  • Download RStudio.
  • Install RStudio on your machine.
  • Familiarize yourself with RStudio and common workflows.

Lesson Outline

  1. Introduction to RStudio
  2. Installing R
  3. Installing RStudio
  4. Working in the Console
  5. The Global Environment
  6. Installing Tidyverse Packages Collection
  7. Importing Data
  8. Writing Scripts
  9. Accessing Saved Scripts
  10. Working in Plots
  11. Next Steps

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