Building Fast Queries on a CSV

In our Algorithm Complexity course, you’ve learned a lot about how to assess and implement algorithms for specific use cases based on time and space concerns.

Now, it’s time to put that new knowledge into practice!

In this project, you are asked to implement some query functions to implement business questions for a laptop store. You’ll need to use what you learned in this course to make these functions as efficient as possible.

Once you’ve worked through the initial challenge, don’t be afraid to take it further and give it your own spin — this could make a good project for job applications and portfolios!


  • Build indexes for a CSV using dictionaries.

Lesson Outline

  1. The Dataset
  2. Inventory Class
  3. Finding a Laptop From the Id
  4. Introduction to Cursor Objects and Tuples
  5. Comparing the Performance
  6. Two Laptop Promotion
  7. Optimizing Laptop Promotion
  8. Comparing Promotion Functions
  9. Finding Laptops Within a Budget
  10. Next Steps

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