Programming in Python

Python is a powerful programming language that you can do anything with. You can use it to develop a script to determine the day of the week based off of any calendar date, use machine-learning techniques to build predictive models, or automate a task that you do every day! This mission is designed to help you learn Python programming the right way!

To begin your coding journey, you’ll start with the basics of programming in Python as preparation for utilizing Python for data engineering. Because you will learn how python programming from the beginning, there’s no programming experience required to complete this module; all you need is a curious mind, a willingness to embrace learning a new skill, and a determination not to give up in the face of errors.

Because no programming experience is required, you will start this mission by learning about the Python programming language and what you can do with it. After learning about the programming language, you’ll learn about the print command to display the results of a statement when the program is executed. You will also learn about Python syntax — similar to the syntax of spoken languages. Toward the end of this mission, you’ll learn about computer programs, how to leave comments in your code, and how to utilize the arithmetic operations to have Python perform mathematical functions.


  • Learn how to write your first computer program.
  • Learn basic programming concepts like variables and data types.
  • Basic programming operations like arithmetics and string concatenation.

Lesson Outline

  1. Learning Data Science
  2. Programming in Python
  3. The print() Command
  4. Python Syntax
  5. Computer Programs
  6. Code Comments
  7. Arithmetical Operations
  8. Next Steps
  9. Takeaways

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