Mobile App for Lottery Addiction

For this guided project, you’ll work with a Canada Lottery dataset to produce a probability-based portfolio piece. It’s a chance for you to combine and apply all the new skills you learned in this course, and when you finish it you’ll have a fascinating project to showcase in your portfolio and an interesting conversation starter for data science networking — who doesn’t want to know their odds of winning the Lottery in Canada?

In this project, you’ll help a medical institute that aims to prevent and treat gambling addiction build a dedicated mobile app to help lottery addicts better estimate their chances of winning.

Your mission is to create the logical core of the mobile app and calculate probabilities to help them achieve their vision.

Upon completion of this project, you’ll be able to showcase your mastery of permutations and combinations so employers can see that you have some knowledge of probability concepts and can use apply that knowledge to real-world situations.


  • Practice using probability and combinatorics in a practical setting.
  • Learn to add business value using probability and combinatorics.

Lesson Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Core Functions
  3. One-ticket Probability
  4. Historical Check for Canada Lottery
  5. A New Data Structure
  6. Using pmap
  7. Function for Historical Data Check
  8. Multi-ticket Probability
  9. Less Winning Numbers — Function
  10. Next Steps

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