Mobile App for Lottery Addiction

For this guided project of the Probability Fundamentals course, you’ll use the skills you’ve learned in this course to understand the odds of winning the Canadian lottery.

Applying the skills you’ve just learned will help cement your new knowledge, and when you finish you’ll have an interesting, real-world project for your portfolio — who doesn’t want to know their odds of winning the lottery in Canada?

In this project, you’ll help a medical institute develop a mobile app that aims to prevent and treat gambling addictions by helping lottery addicts more accurately estimate their chances of winning. This real-world scenario will require you to demonstrate your mastery of probabilities, permutations, combinations, probability rules, and problem solving.

Your goal is to create the logical core of the mobile app and calculate probabilities to help them achieve their vision.


  • Practice using probability and combinatorics in a practical setting.
  • Learn to add business value using probability and combinatorics.

Lesson Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Core Functions
  3. One-ticket Probability
  4. Historical Check for Canada Lottery
  5. Function for Historical Data Check
  6. Multi-ticket Probability
  7. Less Winning Numbers — Function
  8. Next Steps

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