Table Relations and Normalization

In the fifth mission of this SQL Intermediate course, you’ll focus on learning how to create and normalize database tables to increase your knowledge of SQL and add knowledge of relational database concepts to your toolbox.

On occasion in data science or data analysis work, you will be asked to create a database by yourself or to normalize a database. This lesson will get you up-to-speed on relational database concepts so you can have a complete conceptual idea of how everything works when using SQL, and feel confident completing these kinds of tasks.

Using our platform’s SQLite shell, you’ll get hands-on practice with creating database tables, inserting data into tables and more.

You will also learn about primary and foreign keys, which are critical concepts to understanding the joins you have learned about in the Joining Data in SQL lesson and throughout this course.

In addition, you will learn about database normalization, which is a process to minimize duplicated data, avoid data modification issues, and to simplify queries!


  • How to use the SQLite shell to work with databases
  • Master SQL concepts and create and normalize database tables
  • How to insert and update data in database tables

Lesson Outline

  1. The SQLite Shell
  2. Creating Tables
  3. Primary and Foreign Keys
  4. Database Normalization
  5. Inserting and Deleting Rows
  6. Adding Columns to a Table
  7. Adding Values to Existing Rows
  8. Challenge: Adding Sales Tax Capabilities
  9. Next Steps
  10. Takeaways

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