Data Structures

Learn how different data structures are organized and what trade-offs they make.


  • Learn what data structures are.
  • Implement and analyze the performance of an array.
  • Implement and analyze the performanch of a hash table.

Mission Outline

1. What is a Data Structure?
2. An Overview of Arrays
3. Exercise: Dynamic Arrays
4. Exercise: Practice Inserting Into an Array
5. Two-Dimensional Arrays
6. 2D Array Implementation
7. 2D Array Time Complexity
8. An Overview of Hash Tables/Dictionaries
9. Dictionary Access
10. Hash Table Implementation
11. Hash Table Analysis
12. Exercise: Choosing a Data Structure
13. Takeaways

Course Info:

Data Structures and Algorithms


The average completion time for this course is 10-hours.

This course requires a premium subscription. This course includes five paid missions, and one guided project. It is the 26th course in the Data Scientist in Python path.


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