Binary Search

Learn to implement a more efficient search algorithm while looking at NBA player data.


  • Learn to implement the binary search algorithm.
  • Learn to analyze the time complexity of binary search.

Mission Outline

1. Let's Play a Game
2. A Better Strategy
3. When can we use binary search?
4. Implementing Binary Search: Part 1
5. Implementing Binary Search: Part 2
6. Pseudo-Code
7. Implementing Binary Search: Part 3
8. Implementing Binary Search: Part 4
9. Binary Search Time Complexity Analysis
10. Takeaways

Course Info:

Data Structures and Algorithms


The average completion time for this course is 10-hours.

This course requires a premium subscription. This course includes five paid missions, and one guided project. It is the 26th course in the Data Scientist in Python path.


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