Guided Project: Install RStudio

In this guided project, we'll walk you through the steps you need to begin programming with R on your own computer. You’ll install R and RStudio on your own machine so that, in addition to completing the lessons on Dataquest’s site, you can also work on data science projects locally. 

While the R language dates back to 1995, RStudio was introduced in 2011. RStudio is a free, open-source Integrated Development Environment (IDE), a software suite designed to organize all your programming tasks in one place and improve the efficiency of your workflow. 

While there are other IDEs available for use with R (Microsoft Visual Studio for R and Eclipse), RStudio is by far the most popular, so it’s important that anyone interested in working as a data analyst be familiar with it. 

This project will also guide you through features of the IDE, so that you are ready to start experimenting with R programming on your own.


  • Install RStudio on your own computer.
  • Prepare to practice programming on your own.
  • Learn to use RStudio's features to improve your data analysis workflow.

Lesson Outline

1. Introduction to RStudio
2. Installing R
3. Installing RStudio
4. Working in the Console
5. The Global Environment
6. Importing Data
7. Writing Scripts
8. Next Steps

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