Guided Project: NYC Schools Perceptions

Practice your data cleaning and analysis skills and learn to use R Notebooks as you explore survey data.


  • Learn about R Notebooks and how you can use them to showcase your work.
  • Learn to import, simplify, and reshape a large survey data set.
  • Learn to interpret metadata to guide your data cleaning decisions.
  • Use data visualization and correlation analysis to explore parents', students', and teachers' perceiptions of NYC schools.

Mission Outline

1. Cleaning and Analyzing Data: Show Off Your Skills and Start Building a Portfolio
2. Introducing R Notebooks: Share Your Projects With the World!
3. New York City Schools Survey Data
4. Simplifying the Data Frames
5. Creating a Single Data Frame for Analysis
6. Look for Interesting Correlations and Examine Relationships Using Scatter Plots
7. Differences in Student, Parent, and Teacher Perceptions: Reshape the Data
8. Next Steps

Course Info:

Data Visualization in R


The average completion time for this course is 10-hours.

This course is free. This course includes three missions and one guided project. This is the 3rd course in the Data Analyst in R path.


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