String Manipulation and Relational Data

Practice string manipulation and learn to work with relational data as you prepare six data frames for analysis.


  • How to use the SQLite shell to work with databases.
  • How to create and normalize database tables.
  • How to insert and update data in database tables.

Mission Outline

1. Importing the Cleaned NYC Schools Data into R
2. Tidy Data and Efficient Analysis
3. Parsing Numbers from Strings
4. Extracting Numeric Data From Strings: Creating New Variables
5. Splitting Strings
6. Subsetting strings
7. Relational Data: Keys and Joins
8. Inner Joins
9. Outer Joins
10. Using Joins to Create A Single Data Frame
11. Next Steps
12. Takeaways


Course Info:

Data Cleaning in R


The median completion time for this course is 8.05 hours

This course is free, and includes four missions and one guided project. It is the fourth course in the Data Analyst in R path.


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