The Mean

Learn to use the mean to summarize the distribution of a variable.


  • Learn why the mean is the balance point of a distribution.
  • Learn how to distinguish between the sample and the population mean.
  • Learn why the sample mean is an unbiased estimator.

Mission Outline

1. Introduction
2. The Mean
3. The Mean as a Balance Point
4. Defining the Mean Algebraically
5. An Alternative Definition
6. Introducing the Data
7. Mean House Prices
8. Estimating the Population Mean
9. Estimates from Low-Sized Samples
10. Variability Around the Population Mean
11. The Sample Mean as an Unbiased Estimator
12. Next steps
13. Takeaways


Course Info:

Statistics Intermediate: Averages and Variability


The average completion time for this course is 10-hours.

This course requires a basic subscription. It includes one free mission, four paid missions, and one guided project. It is the 16th course in the Data Analyst in Python and Data Scientist in Python path.


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