Designing and Creating a Database

In this guided project, you’ll synthesize all the concepts you have learned in the previous lesson and apply them to designing, creating, and populating a normalized SQL database. Designing and creating normalized database tables is an essential skill for anyone in a Data Analyst or Data Scientist role.

Upon completion of this guided project, you’ll have a great showcase of a project that shows employers you know the most fundamental relational database concepts in any interview where you are asked about your knowledge of relational database concepts.


  • Learn how to design a normalized database schema.
  • Learn how to create normalized database tables.
  • Learn how to import data into a database and transform it into normalized tables.

Lesson Outline

  1. Getting to Know the Data
  2. Importing Data into SQLite
  3. Looking for Normalization Opportunities
  4. Planning a Normalized Schema
  5. Creating Tables Without Foreign Key Relations
  6. Adding The Team and Game Tables
  7. Adding the Team Appearance Table
  8. Adding the Person Appearance Table
  9. Removing the Original Tables
  10. Next Steps

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