Guided Project: Answering Business Questions using SQL

Learn and practice the SQL data analysis workflow.


  • Learn to frame a business question into advanced SQL queries.
  • Learn to use pandas plot methods to create visualizations of your query results.
  • Learn to write analysis to communicate the results of your work.

Mission Outline

1. Introduction and Schema Diagram
2. Creating Helper Functions
3. Selecting Albums to Purchase
4. Analyzing Employee Sales Performance
5. Analyzing Sales by Country
6. Visualizing Sales by Country
7. Albums vs Individual Tracks
8. Next Steps

Course Info:

SQL Intermediate: Table Relations and Joins


The average completion time for this course is 10-hours.

This course requires a basic subscription and has six mission including two guided projects. It is the 12th course in the Data Analyst in Python path and Data Scientist in Python path.


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