Processing Tasks With Stacks and Queues

Learn how to process tasks in the right order with stacks and queues while working with driver's license application data.


  • Learn to implement a stack in Python.
  • Learn to implement a queue in Python.
  • Learn to provile stacks and queues.

Mission Outline

1. Assigning Tasks To Pools
2. Processing Applications
3. Processing Applications
4. Stacks
5. Stacks
6. Implementing A Stack
7. Time Spent In Stacks
8. Waiting Time With Queues
9. Waiting Time With Queues
10. Implementing a Queue
11. Time Spent In Queues
12. Profiling Stacks As Elements Are Added
13. Profiling Queues As Elements Are Added
14. Queues vs Stacks
15. Takeaways


Course Info:

Algorithms and Data Structures


The median completion time for this course is 7.5 hours.

This course requires a premium subscription and includes five missions and one guided project.  It is the fifth course in the Data Engineer Path.


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