Analyzing Startup Fundraising Deals from Crunchbase

In this course, we have explored a few different ways of working and processing large datasets with pandas. In this guided project, we’ll practice using some of the techniques we learned to analyze startup investments from Crunchbase.

Every year, thousands of startup companies raise financing from investors. Each time a startup raises money, we refer to the event as a fundraising round. Crunchbase is a website that crowdsources information on the fundraising rounds of many startups. The Crunchbase user community submits, edits, and maintains most of the information in Crunchbase.

Throughout this guided project, we’ll use this large user-generated data set practice working with different memory constraints. You’ll be asked to apply the skills you’ve learned, like optimizing data types, and loading the data into SQLite in chunks, to more effectively and efficiently process and analyze this data.

As with all guided projects, we encourage you to experiment and extend your project, taking it in unique directions to make it a more compelling addition to your portfolio!


  • Learn to work through the pandas and SQLite workflow on a new dataset.
  • Analyze startup fundraising deals using a new workflow.

Lesson Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Selecting Data Types
  3. Loading Chunks Into SQLite
  4. Data Exploration and Analysis
  5. Next Step

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