Challenge: Working With the Command Line

In the Command Line Elements course, you learned how to navigate the filesystem, create and modify files, and other filesystem management features. In the Command Line Python scripting lesson, you learned how to work with Python on the command line. You discovered it isn't enough just to know how to write code in Python — we also have to know how to modify and execute Python programs on a computer. Knowing how to modify and execute Python programs quickly makes for quick prototyping of a script or developing a sample script before building it out.

In this challenge, you'll pull all of the concepts from the past few missions together to create and run a Python script on the command line. Here's a rough outline of the steps in this exercise:

  • Create a Python script.
  • Create a virtual environment.
  • Change file permissions.
  • Execute a Python script from the command line.

At Dataquest, we're huge believers in learning through doing, and we hope this shows in your experience with the missions. While missions focus on introducing concepts, challenges allow you to perform deliberate practice by completing structured problems. Challenges will feel similar to missions, but with little instructional material and a larger focus on exercises.


  • Learn how to create Python scripts from the command line.
  • Learn how to change file permissions.
  • Learn how to create virtual environments.

Mission Outline

1. Introduction
2. Create a Script
3. Change File Permissions
4. Create a Virtual Environment
5. Move the Script
6. Execute the Script


Course Info:


The median completion time for this course is 6 hours. View Details

This course requires a basic subscription and includes four missions and one guided project. It is the ninth course in the Data Analyst in Python path and Data Scientist in Python path.


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