Challenge: Cleaning Data

In this challenge, you will test your data munging skills by cleaning up after the avengers. While the FiveThirtyEight team did a wonderful job acquiring the data it still has some inconsistencies. Your lesson, if you choose to accept, is to clean up their data set so it can be more useful for analysis in pandas.

The Avengers are a well-known and widely-loved team of superheroes in the Marvel universe that were originally introduced in the 1960s comic book series. The recent Disney movies re-popularized them as part of the new Marvel Cinematic Universe.

Because the writers killed off and revived many of the superheroes, the team at FiveThirtyEight was curious to explore data from the Marvel Wikia site further.

At Dataquest, we’re huge believers in learning through doing, and we hope this shows in your experience with the lessons. While lessons focus on introducing concepts, challenges allow you to perform deliberate practice by completing structured problems. Challenges will feel similar to lessons, but with little instructional material and a larger focus on exercises.


  • Practice your cleaning data skills in pandas.
  • Apply functions over columns in pandas.

Lesson Outline

  1. Introduction
  2. Life and Death of the Avengers
  3. Exploring the Data
  4. Filtering Out Bad Data
  5. Consolidating Deaths
  6. Verifying Years Since Joining

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