Get 12 months of Premium for the price of 4!

This offer has ended. Please contact [email protected] for help.


My plan is currently active, will I receive a refund for unused time?

This offer is only available to active plan holders. Your unused time will be added to the length of your new term for use. You'll be charged the full upgrade amount of $196. No refund will be issued.

Will this be offered again?

This is the first time we've ever offered a discount this large. We are not sure when and if we will offer this discount again.

When will my upgrade be processed?

This is a special offer we have never given before and it has to be applied manually. Please allow us two days to process your order.

What happens if my plan renews before my upgrade is processed?

In the unusual case that your plan renews before we are able to process your upgrade we will refund the renewal amount.

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