What are the differences between plans?

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We offer three subscription plans: Free, Basic, and Premium. Each plan gives you access to different amount of content and support. 

Access to content:

  • Free is the default plan you're assigned when you first sign up to Dataquest. This plan offers over 25 free missions and projects, including our entire Python Programming: Beginner and Kaggle Competitions courses. You can remain on the Free plan as long as you like - it doesn't expire. 

Learning support:

Students have a variety of options to get support with their learning.  Each option is outlined below, and at the bottom of this article you'll find a quick reference as to what support is available under each plan.

  • Q&A: Forum question and answer with your fellow Dataquest students. Available on all plans.
  • Message and Email Support: Click 'Get Help' at the top of the dataquest interface or send us an email to get help with your learning. Great if you are stuck on a particular step or have a code question. Available on all plans; Priority and extended help given to Basic and Premium.
  • Slack Community: Chat with and get help from your fellow both your fellow Dataquest students, as well as members of the Dataquest team.  Ask questions about your code and discuss all things data! Basic, Premium only.
  • Office Hours Video Calls: Talk to one of our data scientists one-on-one and discuss anything data science.  Timeslots are available weekly and subject to availability. Premium only.
  • Project Reviews: Submit your Dataquest projects and get written, personalized feedback from Dataquest experts.

Access to Q&A Forums
Email/Message Support
Private Slack Community
Office Hours Video Calls

✷ We will answer learning questions via email and message from students on the free plan where we can, however we cannot give detailed help and priority will be given to students on our paid plans.

To subscribe to a plan, go to either our subscription page.

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