Command Line: Beginner

Learning the command line is essential for a data analyst or data scientist. For example, oftentimes you’ll be asked to process text data or do some data cleaning, and the command line has very powerful text processing tools like awk and sed, which help with getting acquainted with files and facilitate data cleaning. The lack of a graphical user interface (GUI) also makes the command line faster than other approaches for many tasks.

In our command line beginner course, you will learn how to use the terminal on UNIX machines. If you’re using a Windows PC or laptop, do not worry! You’ll practice your command line skills right on our platform, and we will provide you with a couple of tools that you can download that make it easy to apply your skills on your machine!

In this course, we will learn what the command line is and why it’s useful to you as you begin working in data science. You’ll learn about how to navigate the filesystem, how to alter perlessons for different users, and how to create and run a Python script from the command line. When you finish the course, you’ll have had enough hands-on practice that you’ll be comfortable using the command line in your day-to-day data analysis tasks.

By the end of this course, you’ll be able to:

  • Understand how to navigate the command line environment.
  • Create and run bash and Python programs from the CLI.

Command Line: Beginner Lessons List

Command Line Basics

Learn how to navigate through files with the command line.

Working with Files

Learn how to work with files from the command line.

Challenge: Navigating the Command Line

Practice the basics of using the command line.

Working with Programs

Learn how to work with programs from the command line.

Command Line Python Scripting

Learn how to work with Python scripts from the command line.

Challenge: Working with the Command Line

Practice creating and running a Python script from the command line.

Working With Data Downloads

Use the command line to extract and manipulate data from the internet.

Installing Cygwin

Learn how to install Cygwin.

Installing Windows Subsystem for Linux

Learn how to install Windows Subsytem for Linux Objectives Learn how to install Windows Subsystem for Linux. Learn how to edit your .bashrc file. Lesson Outline Introduction Installing Windows Subsytem for Linux Installing Linux Distribution Post Installation