August 30, 2017

What’s New in v1.29: New Lesson Interface, PayPal and more!

Our version 1.29 release is here and includes lots of new features to help enhance your learning experience. Over the past few months we’ve been tirelessly talking to students like you to learn how we can improve the lesson interface. With this release, we are unveiling the results of this hard work. Other big changes in 1.29 include:

  • Improved feedback for incorrect answers
  • We now accept PayPal so international students can subscribe more easily
  • Four new courses for our Data Scientist and Data Engineer paths

You can find a list of every new feature and bug fix at the bottom of this post.

New lesson Interface

Our new lesson interface is more streamlined, allowing you to focus on learning.

interface-1 We’ve made it easier for you to scroll between code and instructions, so navigating lessons is quicker. instruction-pane-1 Our new ‘Get Help’ menu below the code instructions shows you options when you get stuck, and also gives you access to a hint and the solution. You told us that the split screen solution was difficult to work with, so we’ve moved the solution display to more easily compare your code to the answer. solution-1

It’s easier to compare the solution, left, with your code

We’ve also moved our Q&A to make it easier to access, as well as moved our lesson progress menu to the left side. If you have feedback on this design, please let us know as we have lots more in-store!

Improved feedback for incorrect answers

One of the toughest things about learning to code is understanding where you went wrong. We’ve made improvements to the feedback we give you when your code is not correct.


Better feedback for incorrect answers.

Improvements include:

  • Showing feedback for all variables we check within a step
  • Links to show you the variable state for each variable
  • Explicit hints around incorrect variable types
  • Better messaging when your code has a syntax error

We now accept PayPal

One of our most popular feature requests has been to allow PayPal as a payment method, to allow you more options to learn with us. We’re excited to now support PayPal as a payment method for new subscribers, making Dataquest more accessible to international students. If want to take advantage of this, you can

Subscribe using PayPal now.

New Courses

We’ve also launched four new courses in our Data Scientist and Data Engineer paths:

New in Version 1.29

The full list of features in today’s release are below:

  • A brand new lesson interface design.
  • We fixed a bug that that caused dead links in notifications that someone had answered or upvoted your Q&A question/answer.
  • We Launched our Plus plan with Project reviews and mentorship.
  • Improvements to the hints we give you when your code is incorrect.
  • We launched our help center.
  • We now accept PayPal for subscription payments.
  • We updated our dashboard design, including new course icons.
  • New Calculus for Machine Learning course.
  • New Linear Algebra for Machine Learning course.
  • New Linear Regression course.
  • New Recursion and Trees course.
  • Miscellaneous improvements to speed and reliability across the platform.
  • Miscellaneous lesson error corrections and bugfixes.

Coming Soon

If you’re interested in what’s coming in the coming months:

  • More improvements to the Dashboard including customized learning agendas
  • New courses on SQL
  • Ability to set learning goals and get a learning plan
  • In-lesson documentation

As always, we’d love to hear your feedback on what we should build next. If you have a great idea,

e-mail us!

Celeste Grupman

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