November 23, 2016

Whats New in v1.10: Answer diffs, Improved Q&A!

Along with our two new data visualization courses (Exploratory Data Visualization and Storytelling Through Data Visualization) our latest release includes two major features designed to make your life easier — enhanced Q&A and answer diffing.

Introducing: Output & Variable Diffing

When you’re learning to code, it can be frustrating to be stuck on an exercise and not know what’s wrong. Our new variable and answer diffing is here to help. This new feature:

  • Shows you which variables we’re checking
  • Shows you which variables are correct and which aren’t
  • Shows you the difference between your variables and our solution, giving you clues on how to fix your code.

What is Diffing and how does it work?

In software development, a

diff is a way to compare two files to see what is different about them. If you’re familiar with Github, you see diffs all the time: A diff on Github.. Two lines have been modified in the screenshot above. Github shows two lines have been removed and two added, and shows what changed. Diffs in Dataquest work a similar way. Below your code, you’ll see variables marked in red or green to show if they’re correct or not. When you open the variable inspector, you get a more detailed look: Diffing a list on Dataquest. Above we see a list with items shown in blue, red and green. Blue items are correct, green items are missing and red are extra items that need removing. This is the first version of our diffing tool, and we’re planning more improvements over time. We’d love to hear your feedback!

Improvements to our Community Q&A

Our community Q&A lets you get help from other students withtout leaving the lesson. We’re happy to launch some much-requested enhancements to this feature:

  • Edit or delete your Q&A if you make a mistake.
  • A centralized forum page so you can view all Q&A’s together.
  • Auto-detection of links in questions and answers.
  • Markdown support, so you can questions and answers.

New in Version 1.10

The full list of features in today’s release are below:

Coming Soon

If you’re interested in what’s coming in the next few weeks:

  • A notifications which lets you know about new lessons, replies to your Q&A’s and upvotes for your Q&A’s
  • A new course on statistics
  • More improvements to code run speed and reliability.
Celeste Grupman

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Celeste is the Director of Operations at Dataquest. She is passionate about creating affordable access to high-quality skills training for students across the globe.

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