What’s New in Dataquest v1.52: R, SQL, Postgres, and a Better Dashboard

January 23, 2018

At Dataquest, we are always working to improve your experience and expand our learning paths. We’re excited to announce several new courses and a few new features we think you’ll love.

New courses

  • Our new R Fundamentals course teaches you basic syntax and expressions. You’ll use data structures to build your own grade calculator, make data-driven university decisions, and analyze college graduation data.
  • In our SQL Fundamentals course, go from Pandas DataFrames to SQL tables by learning to select, filter, and transform data from a single table. You’ll become comfortable with SQLite documentation, and use SQLite and Python to analyze CIA Factbook data.
  • Use our SQL Intermediate course to learn how to work with multi-table databases. We take you from joining data in SQL, to table relations and normalization. Our guided projects show you how to answer business questions using SQL and pandas, and to design your own database.
  • In Building a Data Pipeline, build a pipeline in Python from scratch. Start with Python functional programming basics, then move onto more advanced concepts such as closures and decorators. You’ll use these new skills to summarize Hacker News data in the guided project.
  • Optimizing Postgres Databases begins by exploring Postgres internals. You’ll build upon that—learning about debugging, indexing, and database vacuuming.
  • Want to enter a Kaggle competition? Let our Kaggle Fundamentals course help you. We start with the basics, looking at how to approach a competition and explore the data. By the end of the course, you will be creating and using a machine learning workflow with Kaggle’s Titanic competition.

New features

Our new agenda feature helps you stay on track with your learning goals. First, pick your path.


Then tell us how much time you want to spend learning on Dataquest each week.


We then calculate how much you can accomplish and show you the next missions you need to make progress in your path in that amount of time. We recalculate your schedule throughout the week depending on how quickly you are moving through the courses and how much time you have left to spend to meet your weekly goal.


Other new features include:

  • Improved dashboard navigation
  • The ability to stop and restart running code
  • More mission visibility if you’re not logged in—visitors can now get a better sense of what Dataquest has to offer.

What should we build next?

Feedback from our users is really important to us — we’d love to get your take on what we should build next. If you have an idea, you can e-mail us or get in touch on Twitter!


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