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5 Ways to Find Interesting Data Sets

Tips for finding unique, interesting data sets that haven’t already been analyzed by tons of other data scientists.

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10 Data Science Projects You Can Join Today

Editor’s note: This post was written as part of a collaboration with data.world, a site for sharing and hosting data. Authors Shannon Peifer and Gabriela Swider are on the data.world team. Finding the right data can be difficult. And even once you have it, how do you collaborate with others to make sense of it? […]

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Postgres Internals: Building a Description Tool

In previous blog posts, we have described the Postgres database and ways to interact with it using Python. Those posts provided the basics, but if you want to work with databases in production systems, then it is necessary to know how to make your queries faster and more efficient. To understand what efficiency means in […]

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Turbocharge Your Data Acquisition using the data.world Python Library

When working with data, a key part of your workflow is finding and importing data sets. Being able to quickly locate data, understand it and combine it with other sources can be difficult. One tool to help with this is data.world, where you can search for, copy, analyze, and download data sets. In addition, you […]

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How I Built a Python Bot to Help Me Find an Apartment in San Francisco

Learn how to build and deploy an automated bot to identify the best rental properties using Craigslist, Slack, and Python.

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