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Dataquest helped me get my dream job at Noodle.ai

Dataquest’s mission is to prepare real-world data scientists. Sunishchal Dev wanted to get a career in data science. He had a degree in Technology & Innovation Management and had business skills, but he needed to improve his technical skills and learn python to get the job he really wanted. Sunishchal had experience with online learning, […]

Eric: “I wanted something practical”

Eric Sales De Andrade came to Dataquest via Quora. “I read a response from Vik and he seemed to know what he was writing about.” At the time, he worked in data mining— “But it was just putting stuff in a database. I wanted to get real with data.” He had originally tried DataCamp and a machine […]

Christian: “Consistency is Key”

After working in Business Intelligence, Christian L’Heureux took a break from data science. When he returned, as part of his MBA program, he found a changed world. He knew he needed to get up to speed quickly on the new landscape — especially Python. After trying DataCamp and CodeAcademy, he found Dataquest. “I liked the way […]

Mike: “I wanted to grow my skills”

Mike Roberts didn’t plan on becoming a data scientist. After getting a degree in physics, he gave art management and professional poker playing a shot before becoming a BI analyst. He joined Dataquest to beef up those BI skills, but quickly learned he could switch to a much more interesting role within data science. For […]

Priya: “Dataquest helped me to help others”

Priya Iyer decided to learn data science so that she could better help people. Her startup, Tulalens, operated for two years and raised $100k towards helping women in urban slums. Tulelens helped the women launch small businesses that sold iron-rich foods, and shared information on iron-deficiency anemia. Priya and her partners realized that they could be […]

Luiz: “Dataquest helped me learn on my own schedule”

Luiz Zanini was working as a Mechatronics Engineer when he decided he needed a radical career change. He was frustrated by corporate life, and knew he’d be happier as a programmer. When researching new career paths, Data Scientist stood out—he really liked Python and dreamt of a digital nomad lifestyle. “I made a list of the […]

Harry: “Dataquest helped me start my career in data”

While working as a geophysicist for an oil services company, Harry Robinson found himself interested in data. “My job involved lots of data, but it was always at arms length. We were applying algorithms, but I never got to see them. “I wanted to know what was happening and why, so I could interpret the results.” He decided […]

Kyle: “Dataquest helped me get into the tech industry”

For the first four years of his career, Kyle Stewart worked as a product manager in industrial automation. “I was working for a fortune 500 company. I managed products that helped industrial processes, like at an oil refinery.” He wanted to move into the more dynamic tech industry. “In industrial product management it’s difficult to make […]

Dong: “Dataquest helped me get a job I love”

After 4 years of working in postdoc positions, Dong Zhou was starting to re-evaluate academia. “It’s not a real job in terms of compensation and stability. I decided to quit postdoc and try working in industry.” Dong started to explore learning software development and data science. “I started off trying to learn with books, but I […]

Franco: “Dataquest helped me become a Data Scientist.”

While working as a Human Resources Analyst, Franco used Excel to analyze data. “We found that our employees were staying late to avoid traffic”, he explains. “After realizing this, we created different work schedules. This let employees select their schedules to better meet their needs.” While the outcome of their analysis was useful, their team of […]