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How to Plot a Bar Graph in Matplotlib: The Easy Way

A bar graph or bar chart is one of the most common visualization types and is very easy to create in Matplotlib. All we need to do is write one short line of Python code. However, if we want to create an informative, easily readable bar plot that efficiently reveals the story behind the data, […]

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Tutorial: Web Scraping with Python Using Beautiful Soup

Learn how to scrape the web with Python! The internet is an absolutely massive source of data — data that we can access using web scraping and Python! In fact, web scraping is often the only way we can access data. There is a lot of information out there that isn’t available in convenient CSV […]

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Beginner Python Tutorial: Analyze Your Personal Netflix Data

How much time have you spent watching The Office on Netflix? Find out with this entry-level tutorial on analyzing your own Netflix usage data!

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