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17 Reasons Why You’re Getting Rejected for Data Science Jobs

Data science jobs are abundant, and the numbers are growing. Despite the influx in demand, some data professionals are still struggling to find a job. If you’ve filled out numerous job applications you feel you’re easily qualified for, only to be rejected, you’re certainly not alone. In this article, we’ll go over some of the […]

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Entry-Level Job Application Tips from a Data Science Recruiter

There’s no doubt that data scientists are in high demand. But the dearth of data scientists at higher levels, in combination with the “sexiest job” media hype, have attracted a lot of new blood to the profession. That’s caused a bit more competition than you might be expecting when it comes to entry-level positions. So how can […]

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From Meteorologist to Data Scientist in Six Months

Armed with a strong science background but faced with limited career options, Isaac Pato dropped everything for six months and built up a skillset that landed him a job in the data science field. “I went to school for meteorology and I graduated in 2012. I worked in meteorology for about a year, and then […]

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