Python Programming Quick Reference Guides

Programming is comprised of many small actions and concepts, and it can be hard to remember all of them.


Inevitably, you're left wondering, "Wait, what does == do, again?" (It returns True if both values are equivalent.) You can search Google for documentation, of course, but then you have to hunt through pages of information — breaking your concentration and taking up time.

Enter our reference guides.

As you finish [an ever growing list of] missions, you'll find downloadable documents with handy information such as:

  • How to open a file
  • How to iterate over a list
  • How to determine whether a value exists in a list
  • If statement syntax


An example from our Python Basics doc

You can keep these references nearby, and quickly check them when you get stuck. While they're only found in some courses so far, we're hard at work adding them to the rest of our directory.

Current Guides:

Python Programming Beginner:

  • Python Basics
  • Files and Loops
  • Booleans And If Statements
  • List Operations
  • Dictionaries
  • Introduction to Functions
  • Debugging Errors