Published: August 11, 2017


Our new lesson design has arrived!

Over the past few months we’ve been tirelessly talking to students like you to learn how we can improve the lesson interface. Today we are unveiling the results of this hard work.

Since a lot has changed, we wanted to take a moment to describe the big changes and where to find the things that have moved.

Moved ‘Run Code’ button.

Along with the reset code button, the run code button has moved from the top to the bottom of the interface.


Run code and reset code buttons, bottom left

Better Scrolling between the text and instructions

We’ve made it easier for you to scroll between code and instructions, so navigating lessons is quicker.


Improved instruction pane

New ‘Get Help’ Menu

Our new ‘Get Help’ menu

Our new ‘Get Help’ menu shows you options when you get stuck, and also gives you access to a hint and the solution.

Improved solution display

You told us that the split screen solution was difficult to work with, so we’ve moved the solution display to more easily compare your code to the answer.


It’s easier to compare the solution, left, with your code

Q&A is now in the left pane

At the top of the left pane, you can toggle between ‘Q&A’ and ‘Learn’ to view our in-lesson forums and get help from your fellow students.


Toggle between lesson and Q&A, top left

In Lesson progress Menu

From the bottom left of the interface, you can open up the lesson progress menu. See your progress, jump between steps and reset the progress for the lesson.


Lesson progress menu

Let us know what you think!

We’re really excited to share these changes, and we’d love to hear what you think.

Click the question mark icon at the top of the interface to send us a message with any thoughts, suggestions, or problems!



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