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December 5, 2019
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Making data science more affordable and accessible for everyone is part of Dataquest’s mission. Our previous scholarship programs have been highly successful, and now we’re pleased to announce not one but two new scholarship programs:

The remainder of this post will focus on the Data for Social Good Scholarship. For details about the Underrepresented Genders 2020 Scholarship, please visit this page.

What is the Data for Social Good Scholarship?

The Data for Social Good Scholarship is aimed at helping you develop your data skills through data science work that benefits society.

In your application you will be asked to detail a data science project for social good that you’re planning to work on. You may also choose to work on a DrivenData competition — DrivenData is a data for social good platform that is partnering with Dataquest for this scholarship.

Delta Analytics is also partnering with Dataquest to help us promote this scholarship.

Who is Eligible?

Anyone who has completed at least one mission on Dataquest is eligible to apply. Applications will be assessed based on the project proposal details that applicants provide. Applications are due by 11:59 PM UTC on December 14, 2019.

You may fill out and send your application before completing a mission, but you must complete at least one mission on Dataquest prior to December 16 (UTC time zone) for your application to be considered.

(The reason for this is that we want to be sure these scholarships go to people who will actually use them. You can sign up for a free Dataquest account here and then choose any of the numerous free missions available to complete.)

Note that you may apply for this scholarship even if you have previously received a scholarship from Dataquest.

What You Get

Successful applicants for the Data for Social Good Scholarship can receive up to six months of free Premium access.

Here’s how it works:

  • All successful applicants receive three months of free Premium access.
  • All applicants who complete at least one course in the first three months will receive an additional three months of free access.

Why this approach? The data from our first two scholarship programs show that being able to unlock additional access by completing a course leads to higher engagement rates, and by extension, more learning!

(If you’re not clear on exactly what a “course” means in this context, the Dataquest Basics section of this article should clear it up).

Getting Dataquest Premium access means that you have access to all of our course content and all of our guided projects. Whatever you’re interested in studying, you’ll find in our data science courses.

It also means you’ll get access to our user community for asking questions, teaming up on projects, and networking.

How Do I Apply?

Figure out what data project for social good or DrivenData challenge you’d like to work on. Once you’ve done that, all you need to do is fill out and submit this application form before Dec. 15, 2019 (UTC timezone).

You may submit your application before you’ve completed a mission on Dataquest, but remember that you also need to have completed at least one mission on Dataquest by 12/16 to be eligible!

How Do I Complete a Mission?

If you already have a Dataquest account and have completed a mission before, you’re all set! Just be sure to use the same email for your application that you use for your Dataquest account.

If you don’t already have a Dataquest account, you can sign up for a free Dataquest account here. Once you’re on the platform, you can complete any available mission — we have many free missions — to become eligible for this scholarship.

You can confirm you’ve completed a mission on the platform if you see this green checkmark in on the dashboard screen next to a mission name:

Inside the mission itself, you can also click the sandwich menu icon in the bottom left to view your progress on every screen. If every screen in the mission has a green checkmark, as in the image below, the mission is complete:

This guide to using Dataquest is a good resource for answering questions about the platform if you have them.

Scholarship FAQs

How will you assess applications? We will assess applications primarily based on your social good project proposal and whether or not you’ve completed a mission.

Depending on how many applications we receive, we may also use additional methods for filtering applicants.

What are my chances of being accepted? It’s impossible to say for sure, since we don’t know the volume of applications we’ll receive.

Based on application volume from previous scholarship programs, your chances of being accepted are decent as long as you genuinely meet the criteria for application, you fill out your application thoughtfully and truthfully, and you complete a mission by the required date.

However, the application volume is likely to be greater for this program than previous programs, and we cannot make any promises about acceptance rates or any particular student’s chances.

How will I know whether I was accepted? Accepted students will be notified via the email address listed in their application before December 24, 2019.

If you do not receive an email by that date, your application was not accepted. We will only notify accepted students via email.

If accepted, when will my free Premium access begin? If you are accepted, your three months of Premium access will begin on January 1, 2020.

If you complete at least one course before March 20, 2020, you will be notified about your extension, and another three months of access will be granted on March 27.

This is a cool idea! How can I help? Share this article in your social media feeds and tell friends who might be eligible to consider applying! Our goal is to help as many people as possible learn data skills, and with your help, we can multiply the impact of this scholarship program.

What is Driven Data? Driven Data brings cutting-edge practices in data science and crowdsourcing to some of the world’s biggest social challenges and the organizations taking them on. They host online challenges, usually lasting 2-3 months, where a global community of data scientists competes to come up with the best statistical model for difficult predictive problems that make a difference.

What is Delta Analytics? Delta Analytics builds technical capacity in communities around the world by providing free trainings to help democratize access to machine learning and data tools. Delta is entirely volunteer driven, and will welcome a new cohort of teaching fellow volunteers in 2020. Passionate about making technical ideas accessible to your community? Sign up for their email list on their website to learn when applications open.


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