April 25, 2018

Christian: “Consistency is Key”

After working in Business Intelligence, Christian L’Heureux took a break from data science. When he returned, as part of his MBA program, he found a changed world. He knew he needed to get up to speed quickly on the new landscape — especially Python.

After trying DataCamp and CodeAcademy, he found Dataquest. “I liked the way it was structured, how each chapter was broken down. The project focus was huge — the exercise of building on your own was a great way to make it sink in.” He especially liked the movie rating guided project, and even used a pared down version in one of his MBA classes.

When it came time to job hunt, Christian was able to speak knowledgeably about a range of technical topics. Thanks to that ability, along with a portfolio and successful SQL and business tests, popular video game company Blizzard hired him as an analyst. These days, he works on the Battle.net platform, as an internal consultant. He frames business questions and finds data-driven solutions and strategies, working with data scientists, project managers, and other analysts.

He advises other students to be consistent and to find a project that will keep them motivated. “Do 30 minutes every day and you’ll go a lot further and the concepts will stay fresh.”

“Dataquest was an enormously helpful tool for me to develop my data analyst skills and I credit it with getting me the job I have today.”

Charlie Custer

About the author

Charlie Custer

Charlie is a student of data science, and also a content marketer at Dataquest. In his free time, he's learning to mountain bike and making videos about it.

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