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Learner Spotlight — Dilara Karabey

Meet Dilara, who only wanted to sharpen her Python skills by learning with “Data Analyst in Python” career path but ended up landing a job as a Data Scientist, Web & CRO Analyst at Perfist! Things turned out pretty well for someone who was anxious and struggling with imposter syndrome before getting started. 1. First, […]

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Dataquest Reviews 2022: Set yourself up for success with learning data

Whether you’re well on your way or just starting your data learning journey, insights and testimonials from learners who have reached their learning goals can help you reach yours. Let’s be frank: learning a new skill isn’t easy. It requires motivation, discipline, patience, and more than a little organization to balance with your other commitments. […]

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How to Become a Business Analyst

Business analytics is becoming increasingly critical for strategic decision-making — for all types of organizations and industries. Here’s some key info about the field and how you can break into it. You’ve certainly heard of business analytics and business intelligence — today more than 46% of small businesses use intelligence tools as a core element […]

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